Engine Cranes

Carl Turner offers a complete line of engine cranes, engine stands, bottle jacks, air lift jacks, auto dollies, floor jacks, jack stands, shop presses and transmission jacks. Call now! 210-590-8111







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3 Ton Air/Hydraulic Jack Features:

  • Multiple boom positions and leg extensions ranging from 49″ to 81″ provide maximum stability.
  • Boom swivels 10 degrees right or left if base cannot be centered under the load.
  • Floor lock secures crane from moving when in use.
  • Includes a foot activated air/hydraulic foot pump requiring 100 P.S.I. air pressure.




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2,500 Lbs. Folding Engine Crane Features:

  • Four position telescopic boom with 3/8” proof chain and swivel mounted hook.
  • 3 ton capacity hydraulic power unit provides faster raising action and a large diameter ram to withstand angle loads.
  • Low profile design (4-3/4” from top of legs to ground) allows positioning under low ground clearance vehicles.
  • Quick foldable legs and boom save shop space (22-1/2” x 51-3/4”) and prepare crane for transport or storage within seconds.
  • 4” diameter front wheels and locking rear caster wheels provide positive steering and easy maneuvering. Locking caster wheels secure crane from moving when in use.



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1/2 Ton Truck Crane Features:

  • Four position telescopic boom that folds down for traveling position or storage.
  • 5 to 1 gear ratio winch with 20 foot long 1/4” diameter steel cable and hook pulls the load toward the boom.
  • Winch gear design acts as a brake and allows the load to be lowered incrementally if desired and without the need for constant hand pressure against the crank handle.
  • Hydraulically activated boom lifts the load to the desired height.
  • Crane swivels 360 degrees but can be locked in position.



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6,000 Lbs. Engine Load Leveler:

  • Designed to hook to a crane or hoist to handle and position large, bulky components.
  • The horizontal tilt can be adjusted to compensate for off-center loads, or adjusted to a certain angle for a component being positioned.
  • Adjustment screw can be used manually or with air tools.
  • Can be used with NORCO Model 78600B or 78605A Engine Cranes.
  • 5/16” Alloy Grade 80 chain.
  • Position of hooks adjusts from 32” to 48”.


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