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Rotary & Coats Wheel and Tire Balancers

At Carl Turner Equipment we work with only the best. Cheap products don’t last and they aren’t good for productive shops. Save time and money and ask for the best in Rotary and Coats tire and wheel changers, wheel aligners and tire and wheel balancers



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Rotary R155 | Pro 3D Wheel Balancer

Equipped with all the features for the most demanding professional. Easy operation thanks to interactive inputs, which guide the operator during all the phases of the balancing process. Fast balancing process with automatic start when the cover is lowered and automatic stop of the wheel in the external unbalanced position.

  •  Simple visual display
  •  Automatic program
  •  Internal data gauge
  •  Space saving footprint



Coats Wheel Balancers give you the competitive advantage in tire and wheel service. Now you can provide your auto repair customers with the best tire and wheel tools and equipment needed to make your business to true success. Contact Carl Turner equipment about delivering your next wheel balancer today! 800-925-2770 [CONTACT CARL TURNER]

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COATS 1300: With the 1300 Series Wheel Balancer the motor and spindle are combined into a single assembly that always stays calibrated to zero. This eliminates the need to frequent calibration and delivers a superior balance result.






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COATS 1400: Legendary reliability with state of the art capability.







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COATS 1500: Powered by Direct Drive, Premium Quicknut, Stop & Lock, 8 Balancing Modes, Automatic 3-D Data Entry & Basic Adapter Kit Included.









COATS 1600: Powered by Direct Drive, ProBalance Technology™, Touchscreen, Automatic 3-D Data Entry, Basic Adapter Kit Included & NEW Collet Adapters.